To me, Christine Ha is the most inspiring idol. Ms. Christine Ha started having weak eyesight in 1999 and has been almost completely blind since 2007 due to a rare disease called Neuromyelitis Optica (autoimmune disorder). However, she inspired the whole world when she overcame all adversity to win the title of American MasterChef. Therefore, there is nothing better than working with her in real life, to feel her cuteness within the time frame of a portrait session.

‘Wow, Ngoc, why do  have to do kung fu to take photos?’, Jack Lee exclaimed when he saw the concept I sent. However, after the photo shoot, when he saw the results of his work, he always felt satisfied and those photos followed him throughout the long communication process.

Jack Lee is a Vietnamese American who spent most of his life wandering, failing, and becoming famous in America. He is famous for being the “chef of superstars”, when he is responsible for cooking for stars. Hollywood, especially Angelina Jolie, heads of state and Apple boss Steve Jobs.

For Luke Nguyen, cooking is a journey to find the beauty in life in every recipe, in every ingredient, in every way of preparation and every type of food. He is passionate about telling stories about Vietnamese cuisine, contributing to promoting Vietnamese cuisine on the world culinary map. I had read a lot about him before I had the opportunity to take his portrait in an afternoon.

Kevin Marchetti is the most talented, open-minded chef I have ever met. I was lucky enough to eat Kevin Marchetti’s cooking and take pictures of his dishes, but he had no intention of appearing in the photos, until I asked him to bend down to fix one of his dishes, and That’s still my favorite photo with a beautiful face angle.

I am passionate about food, idolize talented chefs and always feel lucky to collaborate with them in very friendly, close contexts.