Chiyoda Sushi: The sophistication of Japanese cuisine in the heart of Saigon

Finding attractive angles and conveying the flavor of food through each photo is my passion. When I received a photography project at Chiyoda Sushi – a famous sushi restaurant with fresh ingredients and authentic Japanese flavors – I was very pleased with the wonderful experiences through this project.

Japanese cuisine does not overuse spices but focuses on highlighting the fresh, pure, natural flavor of the dish. The flavor of the dish is elegant, gentle and consistent with the nature of each season. And this is clearly shown in each dish at Chiyoda Sushi.

From selecting ingredients to processing, Chiyoda Sushi complies with strict Japanese standards. With the sophisticated cooking techniques of Japanese chefs, the dishes at Chiyoda Sushi are not only beautiful but also have a standard Japanese flavor. Each piece of sushi is meticulously shaped, with fragrant rice mixed with fresh fish flavor, creating wonderful flavors.

Immersed in the spirit of Chiyoda Sushi, I took meticulous photos like a Japanese chef, manipulating the light, using minimal accessories, focusing on highlighting the freshness and deliciousness of the food.