One weekend, I designed myself a challenge. I went to the market, selected food, and cooked a Chinese rice table full of main dishes and desserts. After that, I performed the ceremony of the photographer and foodstylist.

On the dining table, flowers not only brighten the space but also become wonderful delicacies, making life vibrant and full of vitality.

With their characteristic sophistication and ingenuity, Saigon people create a special highlight for the dining table – unique dishes made from beautiful flowers. Rustic banana blossoms and crispy sweet squash buds, whether boiled or stir-fried, still retain their freshness and elegance. Fresh lotus root is not only good for health but also brings a natural aroma, lotus leaves wrapped in rice and beans make each grain of rice surprisingly delicious… Saigon – city of 10 flower seasons, with flowers diversity, and through that, special flower meals bring joy and happiness.

Doing everything myself gave me a special experience, but when it came time to deal with the produced model, I had to call in the help of the entire team. So, whatever you do, you must have a team.