Hue Cuisine – A colorful picture at Silk Path Grand Hue

I have always been passionate about discovering culinary culture and Hue – the land of the ancient capital – is famous for its exquisite and colorful dishes, which always makes me curious and want to learn more.

This time, I had the opportunity to experience photographing Hue cuisine at Silk Path Grand Hue, which not only has delicious dishes but also a space rich in Hue cultural identity. The most impressive thing to me is the talented chef of Silk Path Grand Hue. He is not only knowledgeable about local products and soil but also has the ability to create and transform simple dishes to a cultural level. .

With beautiful photos and interesting working experiences, I want to share with everyone about Hue cuisine at Silk Path Grand Hue. This is a great place for you to explore and enjoy delicious dishes, imbued with the cultural identity of the ancient capital.