Memories of the “Tiger Cages”

As a photographer, I am always fascinated by everyday moments and the ordinary corners of life. And one of the subjects that I always have a special affection for is the houses in my childhood memories, especially the “tiger cage” balconies.

To me, the “tiger cage” balconies are not just a part of the architecture of the old apartment buildings, but also a place where beautiful childhood memories are stored. I remember back then, I would often sit on my balcony for hours, looking at the “tiger cage” balconies across the street. Each balcony was a separate world, with its own stories and its own people.

I often used to imagine and guess what the owner of that balcony did for a living? How many generations lived in their house? How old was the youngest child? What was their fashion like? … and so on. The whimsical imaginations of a child painted a vivid picture of the lives of my neighbors.

Time passed, life changed, the old apartment buildings are gradually disappearing, replaced by new modern apartments. However, for many generations of Vietnamese people, the vibrant apartment buildings with “tiger cage” balconies will always be an unforgettable memory.