Monsieur Luxe

The photography project for Monsieur Luxe – a healthy food brand – is an interesting project for a photographer who likes to eat healthy nuts, cereals, and dried fruits like me.

Monsieur Luxe brings Vietnamese consumers convenient, healthy foods suitable for busy lives. Monsieur Luxe products are made from nuts, dried fruits and grains, ensuring quality and natural flavor. With the mission “Enhancing life with delicious and healthy food”, Monsieur Luxe wants to have beautiful and attractive product images. These photos will help the brand effectively introduce the product to customers and convey the message about the convenience and healthiness of the product.

Understanding the customer’s wishes, I made a detailed plan for this photography project. To demonstrate Monsieur Luxe’s commitment to product quality, I took the time to learn about the process of processing fruit seeds according to standards that maintain complete nutrition and natural flavor. This information is subtly integrated into the photos, helping customers better understand the product and increasing trust in the brand.

The results of the project are impressive photos, demonstrating the beauty, appeal and quality of Monsieur Luxe products. These photos have been used for the brand’s communication campaigns and received positive feedback from Monsieur Luxe customers.