A beautiful memory day I spent in Ha Giang, on the first day of the new year. The fresh and clear air of the Northwest Highlands made everything feel special. In those moments, I realized that the beauty of Ha Giang lies not only in the majestic scenery of mountain peaks and winding passes, but also touches the soul through the people and unique culture of the place.

On the way to the market, young and old, men and women, wore their most beautiful traditional costumes, decorating the surrounding space like brushstrokes on a natural painting of the cat-eared cliffs. From afar, each step they took was a vibrant stroke, making the space more alive than ever.

On the first day of Tet, the spring festival market is a meeting place for everyone, where the sound of firecrackers and laughter resound, creating a unique traditional festive atmosphere. I was fascinated and engrossed in capturing that unforgettable emotional moment.