Monthly Archives: May 2024

Tesla International School

Stepping into the campus of Tesla International School as a photographer, I was impressed by the modernity of the learning environment and harmonious architectural amenities. Tesla International School is situated on a spacious 8,000 square meter land, designed with 3 educational levels: Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery, creating […]

Saigon Coffee: A Taste of Local Charm

Saigon coffee is more than just a drink; it is a cultural icon and an integral part of life for the locals. Wake up early and wander the streets of Saigon, and you’ll be greeted by the sight of small cafes with simple plastic chairs and traditional phin-brewed coffee. The beauty of Saigon coffee lies […]

The WMP Mosquito Release Project in the Mekong Delta

Participating in the WMP project was a meaningful experience for me, helping me to better understand the positive impact of this program on the community. The WMP program has been operating in Vietnam since 2006 with the aim of controlling mosquito-borne diseases, especially Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the main vector causing diseases such as dengue fever, […]

The Poetic Beauty of Hue

As a photographer, I have traveled to many places across Vietnam, but Hue always holds a special place in my heart. It is a destination that continually inspires me with its poetic and ancient beauty. Hue’s charm is evident in its majestic and splendid mausoleums and palaces. From the grandeur of the Nguyen Dynasty tombs […]

Memories of the “Tiger Cages”

As a photographer, I am always fascinated by everyday moments and the ordinary corners of life. And one of the subjects that I always have a special affection for is the houses in my childhood memories, especially the “tiger cage” balconies. To me, the “tiger cage” balconies are not just a part of the architecture […]

The crested bird sings

Every year around the 26th – 28th of Tet, bird-loving Saigon people will organize a crest singing competition. This contest attracts hundreds of crested birds to spread their wings, puff out their chests, and raise their melodious voices to fill the entire space. The judges said that a good bird must meet 4 criteria: set […]

Ganh Vietnamese Kitchen: Photos that bring the soul of Vietnam to international diners

I always appreciate traditional cultural values expressed through food. The photography project for Ganh restaurant – a Vietnamese restaurant operating in Vancouver – is a meaningful project, helping me contribute to bringing Vietnamese cuisine to international diners. The special thing is that although Ganh restaurant operates in Vancouver, the brand owner chose to do the […]

VietRose the of food through photos

VietRose – a world-class seafood production company, famous for innovation and creativity in production, always strives to bring customers high-quality and emotional seafood products. Collaborating with VietRose – was an experience that helped me discover new aspects of culinary photography. Photography projects for VietRose are not simply capturing product images, but also expressing food stories, […]


One weekend, I designed myself a challenge. I went to the market, selected food, and cooked a Chinese rice table full of main dishes and desserts. After that, I performed the ceremony of the photographer and foodstylist. On the dining table, flowers not only brighten the space but also become wonderful delicacies, making life vibrant […]