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Ganh Vietnamese Kitchen: Photos that bring the soul of Vietnam to international diners

I always appreciate traditional cultural values expressed through food. The photography project for Ganh restaurant – a Vietnamese restaurant operating in Vancouver – is a meaningful project, helping me contribute to bringing Vietnamese cuisine to international diners. The special thing is that although Ganh restaurant operates in Vancouver, the brand owner chose to do the […]

VietRose the of food through photos

VietRose – a world-class seafood production company, famous for innovation and creativity in production, always strives to bring customers high-quality and emotional seafood products. Collaborating with VietRose – was an experience that helped me discover new aspects of culinary photography. Photography projects for VietRose are not simply capturing product images, but also expressing food stories, […]


One weekend, I designed myself a challenge. I went to the market, selected food, and cooked a Chinese rice table full of main dishes and desserts. After that, I performed the ceremony of the photographer and foodstylist. On the dining table, flowers not only brighten the space but also become wonderful delicacies, making life vibrant […]

Monsieur Luxe

The photography project for Monsieur Luxe – a healthy food brand – is an interesting project for a photographer who likes to eat healthy nuts, cereals, and dried fruits like me. Monsieur Luxe brings Vietnamese consumers convenient, healthy foods suitable for busy lives. Monsieur Luxe products are made from nuts, dried fruits and grains, ensuring […]

Celsius milk tea with new images

The photography project for Celsius – a milk tea and poke brand in California, USA – is a fascinating and challenging experience, when customers can only participate remotely in the photo shoot. Celsius is in the midst of a brand refresh and needs impressive images to attract customers. They want to show the youthfulness, dynamism […]

Chiyoda Sushi: The sophistication of Japanese cuisine in the heart of Saigon

Finding attractive angles and conveying the flavor of food through each photo is my passion. When I received a photography project at Chiyoda Sushi – a famous sushi restaurant with fresh ingredients and authentic Japanese flavors – I was very pleased with the wonderful experiences through this project. Japanese cuisine does not overuse spices but […]

Hue Cuisine – A colorful picture at Silk Path Grand Hue

I have always been passionate about discovering culinary culture and Hue – the land of the ancient capital – is famous for its exquisite and colorful dishes, which always makes me curious and want to learn more. This time, I had the opportunity to experience photographing Hue cuisine at Silk Path Grand Hue, which not […]